Fuel marketers and distributors today recognize the need to react faster to changing market realities around fluctuating prices, supply risks and ever-increasing global demand. To remain competitive, downstream refiners and wholesalers need to operate more efficiently to better respond to customers’ needs while managing the intense pressure on profit margins.

INCALUS delivers software solutions for Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne that allows oil and gas companies to post and provide competitive, accurate and timely pricing notifications to their customers; automate the billing process; manage multiple customer marketing and sales contract programs; as well as provide more accurate and real-time inventory and supply data. With INCALUS Oil and Gas solution, refiners, wholesalers, and distributors can easily integrate real-time market pricing from DTN, OPIS, NYMEX, Platts, and other pricing sources to understand the competitive landscape and dynamically adjust their pricing to reflect market conditions.

INCALUS Oil and Gas solution is designed specifically to extend the Oil and Gas industry-specific capabilities of EnterpriseOne to provide a single integrated solution for the needs of the US downstream market. The solutions easily integrate to JD Edwards EnterpriseOne including an identical user interface to ease adoption, lower training costs, and reduce the total cost of ownership. INCALUS Oil and Gas solution provides key enhancement for EnterpriseOne to help oil and gas companies manage downstream activities including:

INCALUS Oil and Gas solution provides key enhancement to EnterpriseOne to help oil and gas companies manage downstream activities including:

  • Manifest / BOL Management
  • Advanced Contract Management
  • Exchange & Trading Partner Management
  • Daily Rack Pricing & Price Notification
  • Mass Credit & Rebill Management
  • Automated Deferred State Tax Processing and Invoicing
  • Intraday Pricing and Price Notifications
  • Supplier & Customer Best Buy Analysis and Modeling
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